Counselling in its literal sense simply means Advice through Consultation. However, for the person receiving that counselling, it equates to so much more. It is a life line, a way of re-evaluating, a chance to express an opinion, or come to terms with change.

In the last ten years, the number of counsellors in the UK has tripled in line with the demand, which implies that the number of people requiring support has also increased. But does that mean counsellors just listen to peoples difficulties and give them advice on what they should do?  Of course not!

Counselling isn’t about one person imposing their will and experience on another. It’s about guidance, providing new perspectives, ideas and options that allow for a balanced view and maybe a different way forward. Counselling is a process of reflection, contemplation and reframing and that has to happen only when the time is right.

So when is the right time? The time that in your heart of hearts, your subconscious mind feels that the current situation cannot continue and that something must change and that change must happen soon, and when is that? Well, that’s when you find yourself reading counselling web pages such as this one.

Therefore the fact you are reading this page is a good indication that now is the time to make the call. The difficulties in our lives guide us to those who are there to provide the solutions.

An informal introductory appointment provides an opportunity for us to start to get to know each other and to explore whether counselling is the right medium to help you. We will explore what brought you to therapy; it can stir up painful memories and feelings but it can also bring a sense of relief and hope in being able to share it also in having taken action to find a resolution.

The initial appointment also covers what to expect from therapy and gives you the opportunity to ask questions before embarking on a course of sessions.

I'm ready.

Common Issues

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