If you are searching for a counsellor, the chances are you are going through a challenging time.

Counselling can help you overcome life’s challenges by exploring thoughts, feelings and experiences that cause you distress and leave you feeling off balance.

They say a trouble shared is a trouble halved. I would add to that it depends on who you tell. Counselling is not about just listening but also about knowing how to respond in a way that is non-judgemental, supportive and constructive.

It’s not always possible to be able to talk to people we know about how we feel and the challenges in our lives and that is where counselling can provide a way to get through what can be emotional times. We all need help in our lives at one time or another and even when it’s impossible to see a way through those are the times that these services are most beneficial.

As an experienced listener and from a position of empathy, one simple phone call can be the first step towards understanding, acceptance and resolution.

Based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, I offer a professional, confidential counselling service in a comfortable environment where your thoughts, feelings and experiences can be shared.